just the same as all the rest

outdoor adventures

It’s summer, there is no thai soup, and that means I sketch more at lunchtimes. Lately of course the weathera part of the bike barn has been too hot and smoky, but now it’s a bit cooler, and so it’s outside to draw all the same stuff I always draw at work. This is the Outdoor Adventures building: seems like I’m drawing something new, but looks the same as all those bike barn drawings i did (see right) – because it’s the other side of the same building. It’s currently Summer Sessions on campus, so there are more students around than you’d expect in a break. It’s a mixture of strangely quiet and too busy.

4 thoughts on “just the same as all the rest

  1. Lyn says:

    What a great blog! I looked all the way back to Lukes birth. My husband is always suggesting I use more pen and ink with my watercolors like I did many years ago. Your pen and inks have inspired me. They are just wonderful. Continued success!

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