tombé en panne

G & 4th, davis

Today was very hot in Davis; not good for allergies, not good if you hate bugs, not good for redheads like pete. After spending the morning playing guitar to the baby I decided to get out on the bike to draw. My bike, however, did not think so. After twenty minutes, on the bike path, it just died; the back wheel refused to spin. I wrestled with it in the heat for an hour, getting filthy, before taking it to a bike shop, where they apparently fixed it by turning a nut with a wrench. Ok, thanks, yes I tried that with my bare hands, that might have been the problem. I cleaned up, and finally got to draw something, choosing a particularly nondescript corner, in fairly nondescript sepia, because I was in a mood.

I then got on my bike to go home. And after ten minutes, the chain went, and then five minutes later the back wheel stopped again, stopped like a french worker in striking season (that’s about this time of year, usually). I had to abandon it, I had no phone with me, there were no payphones, and so I walked home defeated in the heavy heat.

I think the phrase is ‘Bugger’.

4 thoughts on “tombé en panne

  1. karen at pen in hand says:

    Hmmn, with the day you had I think washing our sketch in blue would also have been understandable. The nice thing is that a) things are bound to get better today and b) you can always just look at the baby. As usual, Pete, your out-about-in-Davis sketches are lovely.

  2. amillionpieces says:

    Ah, yes, sounds like a bit of a loss. I know your bike pain, I was cycling down a hill on Friday when I heard a ping. The ever dubious breaks had finally gone altogether. That said, my feet still work very well for breaking.

    Hopefully tomorrow will be better luck!

  3. petescully says:

    I wish. The day after this a bird shat on my new trousers and my favourite shirt. After changing into my favourite t-shirt, my baby son was then sick all over it.

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