Sketching Sudwerk

Let's Sketch Sudwerk p2
Last week I was invited to lead a sketching event at the Sudwerk Taproom in Davis. Now I used to go to Sudwerk in its previous incarnation, as a restaurant and beer garden, and I sketched it a few times. The restaurant is closed now, and the current owners operate a popular tap room  with am interesting rotation of beers, but still keeping the old Sudwerk classics like the Marzen, which I always liked. No longer sold in big litre glasses though, but my diet (see previous sketch) probably means I should lay off those anyway. We had a number of other sketchers there with us, it was a nice relaxing evening, I gave some tips on sketching places like this, and I drew a few of the things that I saw about there. It was a nice evening!
Let's Sketch Sudwerk p1

not the nine o’clock brews

sudwerk, davis CA

I hadn’t been to Sudwerk in a long time, so last Friday night, after spending the very warm evening sketching downtown and eating a curry, I popped by for some beer, baseball and more sketching. The Giants actually won; they’ve been doing rather less than stellar lately. Sudwerk is a local brewery-restaurant, with really nice German style beers (I particularly like the Marzen), and these great big boiler things behind the bar. One day I’ll draw in colour, but I liked the black and white pen drawing effect, so kept the watercolours in my bag. It’s funny, Sudwerk was the place we came to for dinner the first time we ever visited Davis, when we drove over once back in 2005. I liked their beer then too, and we decided to stay. I don’t think I expected to be still here in Davis in 2011, but here we are!

After this, I wandered home and watched Porco Rosso (Miyazaki, never seen it, it was ok).

bottle and glass

sudwerk fest-märzen

October is here folks, and October means beer. Even though most Oktoberfests apparently take place in September (giving us Oktoberhangover) – I even drew this while it was still September – it’s culturally important to keep up that association (this is my excuse). One of my favourite beers is in fact the Märzen amber ale of my local micro-brewer, Sudwerk. This year they brought out a special Oktoberfect version, “Fest-Märzen”, and I must say it’s bloody lovely. Perhaps the best beer I’ve had over here. So in the spirit of drawing bottle and glass on brown paper (see the recent champagne bottle), here they are. That glass was empty by the time I finished drawing, let me tell you. We had a heatwave here last week, with weather in the 100s (really! at this time of year), and a nice cold beer was always going to help.

ein märzen aus alten zeiten

a litre of sudwerk

Oh man it hot. I managed to cycle downtown last night, to read a few comics and take in the warm evening air, listening to live bands who were out playing tribute to Michael Jackson in their best non-Jacko sounding indie acoustic guitar. I cycled off and went to Sudwerk, the local German-style brewpub, whose locally-brewed beers are excellent. I would miss them a lot if I ever moved back to Britain, they don’t have anything that comes close back there. Pictured above, a nice big litre of the Märzen, my favourite one. Very refreshing!

Drawn in Itoya finepoint pen – I was trying something new – and watercolour.