drawing davis on a hot june day

lets draw davis june 2011

Saturday was another ‘Let’s Draw Davis’ sketchcrawl, and after a very hot week several sketchers braved the sun and came out to sketch Davis. It was nice to see new faces, as well as some familiar ones too. One of the things I like about these sketchcrawls is the opportunity to not only sketch with other artists but also to talk about sketching, pens, paper, technique, sketching bags, etc. It’s always nice to know you’re not the only one who thinks about these things. It’s nice sketching down by the station. Apart from the odd train rolling in and rolling away again, it’s very quiet, and peaceful, with lots of places to sit and lots of shade. Anyway, for this sketchcrawl I was working in two sketchbooks – the main watercolour moleskine, and the small ‘red moley’, which I started last weekend (and am already halfway through). These few colourful pages are in the small red moley, quick sketches, people sketches, on pre-washed paper. Above, Rio Vista sketcher Janice sketches the station in the sun, flanked by Jana from Sacramento and Nathan from Davis (both also sketched below). Trying out something new! I like the effect of the purple sketch.
lets draw davis: nathanlets draw davis: jana

I have to draw the station of course. It’s a lovely old building, but dare I say it’s a bit of a bugger to draw. I have attempted it a few times, but always have trouble with the precision and location of the arches for some reason. Still as a reasonably quick sketch you get the idea and that is the point after all. 

davis amtrak

More to come!

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hi-tec test pilot

testing pilot hi-tec-c

I received my batch of amazing pens today from Jetpens, and am now the salivating owner of many new and different-coloured uni-ball signo um-151 wonder-pens. I cannot wait to use them, and draw lots of detailed drawings like that one I did of Crouch End last week. I also got another pen I had heard many good things about, the hard-to-find (in-non-Japanese-stores) Pilot Hi-Tec-C, which someone had shown me on a sketchcrawl three years ago and I had searched for ever since. I don’t usually buy new pens online as I like to try them first, and that explains why I bought (for some bizarre reason) a size 0.25, which believe me is ridiculously small. It’s a bit like drawing with a needle. It’s nice but probably more geared for those tiny tiny line drawings (so I know I will get use out of it!!). I tested it out with a sketch while sat on the couch in the small red moleskine cahier. Hi-Tec… nothing to do with the trainers. We used to laugh at them back in junior school. Hi-Tec were just one step up from Asda-Boppers.

It is REALLY hot in Davis. It hit a hundred again today. I read that a lot of people in south Davis lost power last night because of a transformer (yes I thought it was a big robot) blowing up in the heat, our lights were flickering all evening. It’s summertime…