Front Page!


There was a nice article posted in the Davis Enterprise today, an interview with me by Tanya Perez, talking about urban sketching and this weekend’s sketchcrawl, among other things. It also has the picture of me in a hard hat on the cover. I didn’t realize that this would be on the cover, so that was a nice surprise. You can pick up a copy (in Davis today) or read it online at the Davis Enterprise website: “Sketcher draws attention to Davis“. Many thanks to Tanya and the Enterprise for the nice article!

your cover’s blown

welcome to davis editions
I didn’t post the rest of the Davis Enterprise’s “Welcome to Davis” editions from a couple of weeks back, so here they are. These are big!! Broadsheets, really. Plus they make good curtains as you can see. I’m pretty chuffed to have had this honour, and hope that the people of Davis enjoyed them. Now the Toad Hollow sketch from the ‘Only in Davis’ edition, as I mentioned previously, is pretty small – a few inches up and across. I though you might be interested to see the other originals set against the papers themselves.
On the Go
For the ‘On the Go’ edition my drawing of one of the Unitrans London double-deckers was used, so here’s a size comparison – the original was about 7″x5″ or so, and in fact if you’re in Davis and want to see it (or buy it) it’s at the Pence Gallery on D Street right now.
Our Community & Market
For the ‘Our Community’ edition my recent drawing of the Farmer’s Market was used. Incidentally, the sign in the middle has only some of the writing on it because they started packing up when I got to drawing that bit and I missed the rest. I did think ahead though and took a photo beforehand, very smart, but there was a lot of glare so I never could read it all. Doesn’t matter. The fellow standing next to it, he has a passing resemblance to me, because the passer-by that I actually drew was actually wearing a Tottenham t-shirt and stopped to talk for a moment when I said ‘Come on you Spurs!’ So in honour, I actually made this person look like me, though he really didn’t. Most moving people in these in-public-place drawings look generic anyway, as it’s always hard to really capture someone while they’re walking past, though otherwise all of the people that ended up in this one were actually the people stood there. Anyway, I loved how this turned out in the paper, and if that’s you in the drawing, hello there.
On Campus & sketchbook
And finally, the really small one, which actually translated pretty well large, I thought. I sketched that one lunchtime at the Memorial Union back in 2009, and it took up a third of a page of my Moleskine. So anyway there you are. Many thanks to Tanya Perez at the Davis Enterprise, who does a great job in the Welcome editions, and it was great to be a part if them this time.

have i got newspapers for you

"Only in Davis"

If you’re in Davis – and many of us are – you might have picked up today’s Davis Enterprise. If you did, you might have seen the first of the annual ‘Welcome to Davis‘ editions. I have always enjoyed these, and in the past would usually leave them in our lounge for new students to read and learn fun stuff about our city. This year, these special editions (of which there will be four) feature my sketches of Davis. Today’s paper, the ‘Only in Davis’ edition, has a close-up of one of my Toad Hollow sketches blown up large, and also has a write-up about me on page two. How exciting is that!! I am pretty massively honoured.

Davis Enterprise today

Many thanks to Tanya Perez, editor of these excellent editions. Tanya also wrote a lovely article on Thursday (“What’s the greatest talent? The one you don’t have” – see the article here) which made nice mention of me and my sketching, and showed off my phonebox drawing.

Davis Enterprise, Sep 20 2012

These are posted courtesy of the Davis Enterprise. It’s not the first time I’ve been in the paper, there was an article about me back in 2009 (here’s the blog post; I must dig out the article) and a short piece about my show last December, but it’s certainly the most prominent. See also:, and the Davis Enterprise Facebook page, and don’t forget to pick up the other editions this Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

the urban sketcher’s fear of the pollen count

newspaper boxes E street

Lunchtime sketch from this week. I did manage somesketching this week, though not too much – the hay fever is particularly bad right now, it’s totally knocking me out. Me and half of Davis – allergies are pretty bad in this area. Going outside is becoming quite unfun, sneezing so much, I’m the holiest man in Davis, everyone’s blessing me. Still, after all those San Francisco sketches here is one from Davis. The newspaper boxes on E Street. 

Happy Easter everyone!

newspaper taxis appear on the shore

newspaper boxes on 2nd st

It was 9-9-9 a couple of days ago, and passed without much notice (a good thing). I remember when it was 6-6-6 a few years ago. Next year we’ll have 10-10-10 and then 11-11-11 and 12-12-12 and then we can go back to having a normal life and not caring about unusual dates. Today of course is 9-11, and is called so even in the UK (where 9-11 would otherwise be the 9th of November). Here are some newspaper boxes I drew on 9-9-9, on a lunchtime in downtown Davis. No stool, I sat on the sidewalk (oops, I mean the pavement), as people passed by. These things are so American, these newspaper boxes, the make me think of old films, yellow taxis, steam coming out of the street, hot dog stands (that’ll be New York then). This however is just Davis, but it’s still America, small-town America. Small-ish.

Also posted at Urban Sketchers.

paper view

That’s me there, on the front page of the local paper. That’s my double-jointed thumb, too.davis-enterprise-sun-feb22-09-smaller

The Davis Enterprise published a feature about me and my local sketches today in their new online edition (you probably won’t be able to read that after today, unless you subscribe to the paper), saying that i ‘save the world every day’ (referring to that ‘how to save the world’ thing I did). Quite funny, really. I’ve no idea what I was going on about; I said Davis was flat as a pancake (well, it is). There’s something about Levi Leipheimer and Lance Armstrong to the left there. And look beneath: rain! It really does rain in Davis!