i’ve been around for a long, long year

chrysler in medford
While up in Medford my wife spotted this long blue/black Chrysler parked out near an old laundry, so I had to try and draw it. It was so long and mean looking it reminded me of the Batmobile. I stood in the hot sun to draw this, trying to get shade from a lamp-post (they don’t give much shade, by the way). This is a car that says, you’re gonna listen to what I gotta say, then I’m gonna run ya outta town. This isn’t a car for the streets of Colindale. This car is master of his domain.


against the grain

medford industrial building
We spent a quick weekend in Medford, southern Oregon; I wasn’t feeling too well, however, so didn’t do a great deal of sketching. I did get out for a couple of hours one afternoon though, to Central Point, where it was very hot and there wasn’t much shade. I really wanted to draw this building, this big grain tower, but didn’t want to dry while drawing it. Eventually after much walking about, I crossed the railroads and drew it from the back, finding a tree to sit beneath. It was right beside a gas station which I think is the gas station of choice for police cars, as quite a few stopped there while I was sketching. I listened to the local wildlife, blackbirds chirping away, a young couple arguing loudly all the way down the street (“if you don’t walk as fast as me you’re walking home a single woman”, the charming man yelled at one point). These industrial buildings dotted the landscape, and I wanted to sketch them all, but I will tell you the most important thing to consider when doing an urban sketch – find somewhere comfortable to sit or stand first!

but come ye back, when summer’s in the meadow

medford, oregon, at sunset

It’s that time of year, and over the July 4th weekend we went to southern Oregon to visit family. It’s a long drive up; northern California really is quite vast, though Medford is only just over the border. The state of Jefferson, some people call it, a state that never was. It’s nice up there, lots of hills and mountains in the backdrop, and a very different feel to Davis. I sketched above while my son and his great-grandma fed the kitties, and the sun went slowly down beyond the trees. Crickets chirped, a couple of horses brayed, there was a dog barking in the distance. In addition to this there were police sirens and the sound of a speeding motorbike but that just added to the rural feel. I’ve got quite a few sketches to scan and post so I’ll get around to them at some point.