ding dong, the witch is dead…

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Wow, it’s great to be actually paying attention at the moment a Big News night suddenly happens. I just happened to notice on Twitter that the President was about to give a live speech, nobody knows what it’s going to be about, and so we turn on the TV, and they say “Bin Laden is dead”, which is one of those headlines we had expected for years but had started looking unlikely. Eagerly anticipating Obama’s speech, I got out not one but two sketchbooks (my little ‘people’ moley and my small wh smith sketchbook).

osama news may 1 2011

Wow, what News that is. People are out on the streets of America waving their flags, and it’s not even a Royal Wedding. I wonder if Trump and all them will need to see the death certificate? (That joke is already old) It appears Bin Laden wasn’t in a cave, but a big mansion, and nobody knew; did it have a name? ‘Dunterrorisin’?  And more importantly…does this mean we drink cans of Pepsi Max on airplanes now?

president barack obama

president obama

Ladies and Gentlemen, the 44th President of the United States, new leader of the Free World, Barack Obama. President Obama. No more George W Bush. Did you hear that? NO MORE GEORGE W BUSH!! Off you pop. No more Cheney. But thanks, by the way, thanks for the wonderful state you’ve left the world and the country in. Not your problem, leave it for the next guy.  

Finally, someone intelligent running America. Though of course, he had to take his oath of inauguration twice, because he kind of fluffed it up the first time. Was I the only one who thought, when he paused right after the words “I will execute”, that he was about to slip up and say… “George W Bush”?

president obama!!!

8:15pm: President Barack Obama! Phew, what a relief. And I happened to switch on FOX News (which i never do) at 8pm, at the moment they gave the announcement – I’m so glad I did, their announcement was very glum! “Barack Obama is President. It’s Over.” McCain is conceding as I write. And the crowd are booing as he says he congratulated Obama. Get over it, Republicans. Well done Obama! 

Now, please, let’s forget all this Joe the Plumber nonsense.

say your prayers

An attempt at Barack Obama (but looks a little like Les Ferdinand). Funny, Tony Blair was on John Stewart’s show this week because he’s now teaching at Yale on faith and globalization and he mentioned about how it’s not quite proper for British PMs to talk about their religion, how in the UK it’s a much more personal thing, and yet out here the Pres has to be seen to be worshipping God on every corner (well, let’s face it, it’s to win votes in the Bible Belt).

barry o'bama

That said, Blair could only convert to Catholicism after leaving office, because to do so while in Downing Street would have been a huge political no-no (even now they are still quite sceptical of Catholics in the UK, oh how things have changed since 1688).  Here, however, for all their ‘separation of church and state’ affectations, and for all their ‘freedom of religion’ founding ideals, it is pretty much a given that an atheist will never be President (unless, perhaps, someone chose a ‘token’ atheist as their running-mate to win the God Less America vote). Barack Obama is a Christian – yet it seems people are not convinced that he isn’t a Muslim: just the other day, on NPR, a woman said that she thought he was a secret Muslim, giving her justification as she “just didn’t trust him”. Opinion polls equal democracy here, by the way (to quote Dan Bern). But, what if he were, would it matter? He’d still believe fervently in God after all, same as you Governor Palin. If his faith is the issue, that would clearly not be in question, and if the system the US has is designed such that religion is kept separate from political issues, then again it wouldn’t matter if he worshipped Papa Smurf or Gargamel, it wouldn’t affect his foreign policy. Unless, of course, you actually believe it should. Unfortunately it appears so many do.

Incidentally, came across this blog entry just now, a guy in Alaska who staged a one-man protest against Sarah Palin by simply sitting outside the Alaska governor’s mansion with the sign “Palin Lies” (which, it is becoming increasingly apparent, she certainly does, especially with regards to earmarks). Fair play to the man; unless he means Michael Palin? “No, the parrot’s not dead, he’s just stunned”.

Anyway, that’s my religio-political blogging for the month (and I write this wearing a Celtic shirt). If you want me, I’ll be putting lipstick on pigs to see if they really are still pigs. I don’t know what it means but apparently it’s popular.