UC Davis

Many sketches from many lunchtimes on the UC Davis Campus, in California’s hot Central Valley. Click on the thumbnails to see larger images (on Flickr).

mrak from the other sideeye on mrakeggsecutionsee no evilbookheadbut some of us are gazing at the starsthe bins outside math sciencethe ucd bike barnuc davis trees encoreno leaves for yousmoky and the bikebarnbike barn from bainerbike barna part of the bike barnback to the bike barnrainy rainy daysilo um mittaglunchtimeblue silopurple pen at lunchtimeat the silo, in purplewe're not talkingred flowersearly california gardenview of a concrete bridgein the shaded arboretumthe very green creekin the arboretumapril is the cruellest monthfreeborn hallmrak, seen from the creekback in mrakyou see, davismrak hall, uc davismathematical sciencesmarch in sepiahiding in the libraryin a tree museum a rainy day in november, davisa bike, january 2008a phonebox, by the bus stopno colours any moremrak hallsooner or later, one of us must knowallez les vertschemis-treestop dreaming of the quiet lifegreenhouse effectsmathematical sciences buildingvermeiherget on the busoutdoor adventuresducks beneath a treethe doorshart halltwo bins and a benchkind of a strange old hermita friday in octoberphoneboxhow i spent my lunchtimelunchtime sketch by the hog barnain't no sunshineyer bluesholding waterquad, theMUoutside studyingfrat boards and bikeslooking up at the siloin the shadow of the treecarl's jrthat's no moonsilomrak hall... with the law school ruining the viewcowscolourless treeoutside math sciencesMU'eye on mrak' eggheadyin and yangfoggy dayuc davis, on a chinese envelopelunchtime bellsred bike on campusrainy rainybikebarn from bainer (yet again)through the windowturner wright hallgraduate school of managementbuehler alumni centershields librarypicnic day 2010outdoor adventures, uc davisbikebarnsocial sciencesRMI buildingmondavi centercottonwood cottagemrak & king hallsthe view from bainer, again

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