you see, davis

you see, davis: twenty-four images and thinkings, all set in the university town (sorry, ‘city’) of davis. This is a graphic novella in which (you) are the main character.

Please do not read the words while looking at the drawing. Feel free to skip past the ones you don’t like.

overheard conversationsnothing personal

don't stay up too latemissing the cold callersthe old argument

losing my superpowersmonday getting closer

not a worda summer cliffhangerhow to shut them up

a good chord changemaybe i don't really wanna know

born yesterdaydon't speakoublier

taking an interestclouds coming in

a few words of discouragementsome people, it seemsi think i'm in heaven

i'm not sorrysomething important

un autre mondenice place

So now you know what (Davis) is thinking. Could be (anyone, anywhere); but it isn’t. A story exercise; they are all linked, beginning to end, if you can find the link.

All images 8cm by 10.5cm, micron pen or staedtler pen and cotman watercolour, all in a moleskine (except one); and (for the first time ever), i used a ruler.