I hold my pen in an unusual way

i hold my sketchbook in a fairly usual way

A series of thirty things about me. Not necessarily the most important things either. Some of them are rather mundane. But that’s ok.

All drawn between May and September 2009 at various spots around my apartment in Davis, California, using the same two pens in each drawing, both cobalt copic multiliners, 0.1 and 0.3.

I hold my pen in an unusual way

1, hold pen funny2, i don't drink coffee3, hot weather not my thing4, scared of spiders5, making mixtapes6, i don't remember my own cellphone number7, inter-railing around europe8, library books9, london tourguide10, can't fold clothes11, a band called gonads12, strawberries in denmark13, guitar string dread14, chess15, long train journeys16, i stay up too late17, medieval english18, crayon up nose19, baths20, if you knew ossie21, I do not eat peas22, athletics23, i lie on the floor24, adidas trainers25, british museum26, dog person27, football shirts28, i like autumn29, tv30, drawing

i hold my pen in an unusual way

3 thoughts on “I hold my pen in an unusual way

  1. a.p.sipl

    i’ll have to get around to posting this one writing thing i did…20 lines beginning with “give me…” and then the 21st line beginning with “i will not…” ttyl ashley

  2. Rowland Jones

    Hmm- arachnophobia yup I’ll subscribe to that one.
    Scared of changing strings: Ernieballaphobia? Rotosoundaphobia? D’addariophobia? buy yourself a string winder— it’ll change your life!

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