how to save the world

sketchbook project coverhow to save the world

 This was for the Art-house Co-op’s 500 Sketchbook Project. The theme was “How to Save the World”. Their exhibition was in August 2008, in Atlanta. I watched it online. All pictures drawn from around the apartment (with a small excursion across the Atlantic to look out of the window), usually late in the evening while waiting for my baby son to wake up for his bottle.

Mostly copic and micron pigma pens, but no wash.

As far as I’m aware, the world was actually saved. I just don’t know from what.

You can see all posts here: “How to Save the World”

part 1: make tea

part 2: move to california

part 3: listen to musicpart 4: walk morepart 5: draw stuff

6: eat noodles

intermission one

part 7: go back to england

part 8: look out of the window

part 9: go on the underground

part 10, go to an old pub

part 11, pack your bags

intermission two

part 12: play the guitar

part 13: learn french

part 14: wash your hands

part 15: stay cool

part 16: recycle

part 17: conquer your fear

part 18: collect old photos

part 19: watch star wars

part 20: have a banana

intermission 3

part 21: sit down, relax

part 22: take a shower

part 23: feed the baby

part 24: write postcards

part 25: follow the football

part 26: go to bed

part 27: save the world


8 thoughts on “how to save the world

  1. Salvador

    Pete, I sure enjoyed these vignette’s – they made me think and giggle at the same time. Good stuff. After seeing these I’m going to go draw in my sketchbook. Stop by my bog, I’ve got a few new things up.

  2. Clarise

    Fantastic job, mind if I post this on my blog?
    I’m on the subject of sketches and ways to help make the world a better place.Of course all credit goes to you :)


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