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You See, Davis

how to shut them up

Twenty-four word and image pieces set in the flat university city of Davis, California, from Autumn 2007 to Spring 2008. Monochrome. It could be anywhere, you could be anyone but it’s here, and you’re you, and that’s a coincidence you can be proud of.

Drawn mostly in a small watercolour moleskine, using micron pigma 01/005 or copic 01 multiliner pens, with cotman watercolour wash.

Do not read the words while looking at the pictures.

How to Save the World

sketchbook project cover This was for the Art-house co-op’s 500 Sketchbook Project. The theme was “How to Save the World”. Their exhibition is in August 2008, in Atlanta. All pictures drawn from around the apartment (with a small excursion across the Atlantic to look out of the window), usually late in the evening while waiting for my baby son to wake up for his bottle.

Mostly copic and micron pigma pens, but no wash.

As far as I’m aware, the world was actually saved. I just don’t know from what.

I Hold My Pen in an Unusual Way

13, guitar string dread
 A series in the same format as ‘How to Save the World’, but with a more autobiographical theme. Thirty things about me, I guess, but that won’t be the title. I finally came up with a title. Originally it was Untitled; maybe that’s autobiographical in itself. It is a series of thirty things, random things, not necessarily the most important things, but whatever I wish to say at that point, with an accompanying (but not always obviously related) picture.

Started in May 2009, finished in September…

Entirely drawn in cobalt copic multiliner, 03 and 01.

Pence Gallery Show, Dec 2011

Pence Gallery Show, Dec 2011In December 2011 I had my first solo show at the Pence Gallery in Davis, CA. I put together a series of drawings, sketched from Summer into Fall, of various places around the City of Davis and the UC Davis campus.

All drawn on 8″x10″ watercolour paper (Strathmore hot press, Canson cold press) in various pens (uniball vision micro, micron pigma) and watercolour.


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